Chirurgiens Orthopédistes en Allemagne
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Basel - a city destination rich in culture and heritage

BaselBasel - ancient heritage of humanism and learning. © Fotolia

One of the most important cultural centres in Switzerland, Basel is located where the Swiss, German and French borders meet.

The River Rhine flows through the centre, dividing the city in two. The historical old town is situated on the south west bank, with it's medieval charm, leafy courtyards and 16th century townhouses. The Münster dominates the skyline from it's lofty Rhineside terrace. Glitzy shopping streets connect the two main old town squares.

For art lovers the Foundation Beyler gallery houses works by some of the 20th century's best artists including Picasso, Warhol, Rothko, Rodin, Klee and Monet.

By car: driving time to Basel from Freiburg is 55 minutes (59 km).

Chirurgie Orthopédique

orthopedic clinic and surgeon in Germany

Clinique Orthopédique Gelenk-Klinik

ISO 9001:2008 2008 qualité certifiée

Rue, N°
Alte Bundesstrasse 58

Code postal, Ville
D-79194 Gundelfingen


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  • Distance de l'Euro-Airport de Bâle: 80 km (55 mins)
  • Distance de Zurich: 161 km (1h40)
  • Distance de Francfort: 259 km (2h20)

Centre d’ Arthroplastie

Certifié centre d’excellence en arthroplastie

Certifié centre d’excellence en arthroplastie (Prothèse): La Clinique orthopédique Gelenk-Klinik a été certifiée comme un des principaux centres de Chirurgie Endoprothétique en Allemagne.